Prof Dame Ottoline Leyser:
“During my career, I have seen the power of genuinely collaborative cultures to catalyze the transformative thinking needed to create effective solutions.

Some people think good research is done by a few lone geniuses – if you fund a few people with huge brains and let them loose, results will follow. But I want more collaborative research environments that place less emphasis on individual brilliance. I am interested in research integrity and not rewarding scientific game-playing. I am concerned about how bad incentives lead people to publish all the time and too much weight is placed on producing headline-grabbing results, rather than encouraging a culture in which good science happens.

If you are only doing ground-breaking research, you simply end up with a lot of holes in the ground. UKRI could play its part in fixing a system where people only get promoted for having publications in flashy journals.

CEO of UKRI of UKRI and author of
Mechanisms in Plant Development


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